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Advanced Sponsor Strategies

Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Wealthy Bag Lady VIP Club, gives you ongoing support, new ideas, networking and motivation.

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Training on how to build your business and get corporate sponsors.


Guest Experts

Guest Experts

Industry insiders will give you secrets to help you succeed.

Accountability and Support

Brainstorming to grow your business, reach your goals and live your passionate life.

Special Reports

What Sponsors Want

Learn the essentials of how to get corporate sponsors and what they want. Do what you love and have a sponsor foot the bill.


Get the Money You Need

Discover why most Success Teams (mastermind groups) fail and how you can create your own powerful Success Teams.


Ultimate Resource Guide

Jam-packed with great resources. Build your entrepreneurial tool box now.


Member Forums

Network and access the collective brainpower of the other VIP members in our social online networking community.


VIP Status & Networking

VIP Status and Networking at live events.

Members Only Discounts when new products or services are released.

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Octopus Marketing

Fast-track strategies to grow your business now.

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Success Teams

Discover why most Success Teams (mastermind groups) fail and how you can create your own powerful Success Teams.

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Overwhelmed with everything you need to do for your business?

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