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What do Microsoft & Citibank know about Linda Hollander?


They know that Linda speaks to business people who want success now.

She is a 20-year entrepreneur and best-selling author. Her passion and energy bring audiences to their feet.

Low Fluff, High-Content Presentations Tailored to Your Event.

Linda can recruit attendees from her extensive database of over 20,000 people.


Keynotes & Workshops

Top 5 Ways to Attract Corporate Sponsors

Do What You Love and Have a Company Foot the Bill

Learn how to attract and keep corporate sponsors

Find out which sponsors to approach (and some to avoid)

Discover secrets to a winning proposal sponsors can't refuse

Learn how to qualify and get sponsor funding

Build your business by leveraging the awesome power of corporate sponsors

Wealthy Bag Lady 7 Success Secrets™

Discover business secrets of top companies like Disney and Starbucks

Turn your contacts into cash

Learn proven techniques to accelerate your business growth—now!

New Clients NOW

Market Your Way to Millions

Get past people's propaganda radar

Create a word-of-mouth referral system

Take advantage of "magic moments" to make the big sale

Power of the Purse

Market to Women and Get Your Share of a Multi-Trillion Dollar Market

Capitalize on selling to women who make or influence over 85% of the purchases in America

Find out how entrepreneurs tick and how to gain their trust

Learn how to capture the strong women’s market

Build Your Audience

The Gold is in Your Database

Discover how to create a killer database of people eager to buy your products and services

Find out how to get leads coming to you every day

7 Deadly Business Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Learn how to avoid the disastrous pitfalls of business

Stay away from the big mistakes that even toppled the giants

Negotiate to Win

Get what you want with 5 proven skills for all-win negotiations

Without negotiating skills people can lose over $300,000 in their lifetimes

5 Trends that Can Make or Break Your Business

Revolutionary information about how to profit from opportunity trends

Use high tech and low tech strategies to skyrocket your sales

The hot new markets for your business

Be the Hero of Your Own Life

Get over your fear of rejection, shyness and other stumbling blocks

Find the courage to move ahead with your dreams!

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