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Rave Reviews about the Sponsor Secrets Seminar


Sponsor Concierge is the Best

“Sponsor Concierge programs are a great resource for any business owner who intends to achieve their own financial independence.”

- Brian Tracy, Author, 21 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

Success with Sponsors

"Linda Hollander will teach you powerful skills to move you quickly along the road to success. Learn from Linda Hollander and reap."

- Robert G. Allen, co-author of The One Minute Millionaire

Bryan Caplovitz

Got $100,000 in Sponsorship

"Linda Hollander guided me and my team to getting a quick "yes" and we got a $100,000 sponsorship."

- Bryan Caplovitz, CEO, SpeakerMatch

$175,000 for Her Non-Profit

"Linda Hollander helped me get over $175,000 in sponsorships for my charity that brings clean water to people in need"

- Amanda Mineer, President, Give Clean Water

Amanda Mineer

Rave Reviews about Linda Hollander

Ward Luthi

Phenomenal Expertise

"Linda Hollander's expertise about sponsorships is phenomenal. Don't get started without her help."

- Ward Luthi, Spokesperson, Word Traveler & Author

Sponsored Her Entire Event

"I didn't think a company would sponsor me, but Ocean Spray paid for my entire event."

- Joanie Winberg, Speaker, Event and Radio Host

Joanie Winberg
Harlan Kilstein

Getting Big Sponsors

"When we started working with Linda Hollander, money was really tight. Pretty soon she was reaching out to some the biggest companies in America for sponsorships and people started saying "yes" to us. Now companies are sponsoring us with really large sums of money and we're a pretty new business. I strongly recommend Linda Hollander. Her knowledge about sponsors is phenomenal."

- Harlan Kilstein, Business Owner & Blogger

Best in the Business

"Linda Hollander helped me get my first sponsor and I've been working with countless sponsors ever since."

"Through Linda's mentoring, I was able to write my book and create the event of my dreams which has transformed many lives. Corporate sponsors have helped me grow my business and get amazing results. I'm grateful every day that I worked with Linda Hollander. She is truly the best in the business."

- Carolyn Gross, Author, Event Producer & Health Advocate

Carolyn Gross
Jason Moss

Top-Tier Sponsors

"Linda Hollander is amazing with the amount of knowledge and information she has about sponsorships and her ability to communicate it to those of us who are not familiar with the industry. I now have top-tier sponsors and she has turned my dreams into reality. I would encourage anyone interested in sponsorships to check her out. She is awesome!"

- Jason Moss, Author, Georgia Manufacturing Expo

Genius Sponsor Lady

"Are you trying to reach corporate sponsors? Then go no further than the one and only Linda Hollander. She is a genius on how to connect with sponsors and media. Linda shares her expertise and provides the real tools you need to grow your business and sponsorships."

- Janet Powers, Business Owner

Janet Powers

Your Program was an Amazing Catalyst

“Life is truly amazing when you get out of the way and just trust the process. I launched Ask Lisa Cole and my new program Mirror on the Wall, How Do I Feel Underneath It All for breast cancer survivors. It went national with corporate sponsorship. I also released my new book Lingerie: The Foundation of a Woman's Life. Your program was an amazing catalyst for this success. I’m so excited!”

- Lisa Cole, CEO, Ask Lisa Cole and Author of Lingerie: The Foundation of a Woman's Life

Entrepreneurs Want Stories from the Front Line

“Entrepreneurs don't want statistics, research, and textbooks that reveal all the secrets of business success. They want stories from the front line, and the conviction that if she can do it, so can I!

That's what you'll find here-- not just the facts, ma'am, but inspiration, an extra dose of courage, and just as important--humor.”

- Azriela Jaffe, syndicated business columnist and author of twelve books including, Create Your Own Luck


With Linda's help you can get out there and make it happen

"Let Sponsor Concierge show you the way to build your business and live your dreams. Don't spend your life wondering what might have been, with Linda's help you can get out there and make it happen.”

- Jennifer Basye Sander, Author of The Weekend Entrepreneur

$30,000 Sponsorship

“Wow… Linda Hollander helped me get a $30,000 sponsorship… on the first try! I simply followed her advice about how to package up my events with all my other properties and then… BAM! Largest event sponsorship ever for me. Linda is the real deal and I’m happy she is sharing her secrets of sponsorship success.”

- David Mammano, Founder of The Avanti Entrepreneur Group and Host of the Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast

David Mammano
Cary J. Green

Sponsor Success with Team of Experts

“Linda Hollander and her team have helped me develop a world-class proposal that is perfectly tailored to my goals. Linda has been a wealth of experienced-based information and has shown me opportunities and strategies that I didn’t see on my own. Linda and her team are very responsive and are excellent to work with. In fact, they made me feel like I am their only client.”

- Cary J Green, Ph.D. Founder of CaryJGreen.com and author of “Success Skills for High School, College, and Career

Linda Hollander is the Sponsor Expert

"If your goal is to be a success, Linda Hollander has paved the way for you."

- Al Lapin, Jr., Founder of IHOP Restaurants

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