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Joan Marie Whelan
LaRue Eppler

I've met a lot of wonderful people at conventions and speaking seminars such as Ali Brown and a few others, but NONE of them stand out like YOU! You are so genuinely authentic and your personal integrity is unquestionable!
You're the best!

-LaRue Eppler
Evolutionary Kinesiology

Robert Allen

"Linda Hollander will teach you powerful skills to move you quickly along the road to success. Learn from the Wealthy Bag Lady and reap."

-Robert G. Allen, co-author of
The One Minute Millionaire


"If your goal is to be a success, the Wealthy Bag Lady has paved the way for you."

-Al Lapin, Jr.,
Founder of IHOP Restaurants

Georgia Durante
Linda Hollander and
Georgia Durante

“Take it from someone who has gone from living in my car to living in a 5,000 sq. ft home, Linda Hollander knows what she is talking about. She cleverly guides her clients into unlocking their sleeping powers and ridding them of hidden fears, helping them to achieve goals far beyond their expectations.”

-Georgia Durante, CEO, Performance Two Driving Team, Author of The Company She Keeps

Azriela Jaffe

“Entrepreneurs don't want statistics, research, and textbooks that reveal all the secrets of business success. They want stories from the front line, and the conviction that if she can do it, so can I!

That's what you'll find here-- not just the facts, ma'am, but inspiration, an extra dose of courage, and just as important--humor.”

-Azriela Jaffe, syndicated business columnist and author of twelve books including, Create Your Own Luck


"The Wealthy Bag Lady has motivated countless women to build their businesses and achieve their greatness".

-Stacy Reichert, Director of Innovation, Pepsi

Brian Tracy

“Wealthy Bag Lady programs are a great resource for any business owner who intends to achieve their own financial independence.”

-Brian Tracy, Author,
21 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

Jennifer Basye Sander
Jennifer Basye Sander

"Let the Wealthy Bag Lady show you the way to build your business and live your dreams. Don't spend you life wondering what might have been, with Linda's help you can get out there and make it happen.”

-Jennifer Basye Sander, Author of The Weekend Entrepreneur


Bank Of America

“Attracting women business owners is necessary for the success of our bank. Through the power of the Wealthy Bag Lady brand and the Women’s Small Business Expo we were able to create many new business accounts and loans for deserving women who have built great businesses.”

-Mary Mendonca, Bank of America

Betty Spence
Betty Spence

The Wealthy Bag Lady advice has helped me grow my business. Linda is fantastic, fabulous and terrific!”

-Betty Spence, Ph.D.
President, NAFE (National Association of Female Executives)


Lisa Cole
Lisa Cole

Life is truly amazing when you get out of the way and just trust the process. I launched Ask Lisa Cole and my new program Mirror on the Wall, How Do I Feel Underneath It All for breast cancer survivors. It went national with corporate sponsorship. I also released my new book Lingerie: The Foundation of a Woman's Life. Your program was an amazing catalyst for this success. I’m so excited!”

-Lisa Cole, CEO, Ask Lisa Cole and Author of Lingerie: The Foundation of a Woman's Life

Joan Marie Whelan
Joan Marie Whelan

The Wealthy Bag Lady has personally assisted me in creating the company I have today. She as well as her book go the extra mile and will guarantee you a success. She truly is one of the greatest gifts to walk this earth.”

-Joan Marie Whelan, Intuition Girl and Radio Host

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